Torn Meniscus

Torn MeniscusWhat is it?

The meniscus is the so-called cartilage in your knee.  There is one on the inner side and another on the outer side.  It is firm and rubbery and shaped like the letter C.

How do you get it?

Tearing your meniscus does not require a lot of force.  You just move the wrong way; it gets caught in the workings and tears.  A lot of people will tear their meniscus without an identifiable injury.

What symptoms do you get?

A meniscal tear will typically give you low-grade annoying pain around your knee.  Activities such as walking or running make the pain worse.

What happens without treatment?

Your meniscus does not have a blood supply, so your body can’t get new tissue in to heal it up.  It simply stays torn and you continue to get pain.  

How do you treat it?

The only treatment that gets rid of the pain is an operation (arthroscopy).  The torn pieces are removed and this gets rid of the pain.