For Patients

ReceptionMy aim is to thoroughly examine you to accurately assess and diagnose your problem.  Once this has occurred, we can discuss treatment and expected outcomes.

I will

Ask you to tell me about your specific problem and symptoms.
Examine you.
Look at the investigations done so far and order more if needed.

WaitingRoomOnce I have all this information I can then:

Explain to you what is wrong.
Give you the options for treatment.
Tell you what to expect in the future.

The following is not essential but it will save you time and effort.

To get the best from the consultation you need to:

Bring in your x-ray pictures even if somebody has sent information to us.

To contact my rooms for an appointment, please phone 4031 8400.



I want you to feel as comfortable as possible during the consultation.  During the examination I may ask you to expose the relevant area of trouble to examine it properly.  Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.  Below is a list of specific recommendations based on the area needing attention.


  • Hand and elbow   Please wear short sleeve shirt
  • Shoulder  Any type of shirt is okay.  I will ask you to remove it during the consultation
  • Spine   Any type of shirt is okay.  I will ask you to remove it if needed during the consultation.  Please wear shorts as I will often need to examine your legs.
  • Hip   Please wear shorts.
  • Knees   I need to see most of your thigh during the examination.  Please wear shorts.  If you wear long trousers I will ask you to remove them.
  • Feet   I will need you to remove your shoes.  Shorts are best but long trousers are acceptable if they are relatively loose and can be easily rolled up to the knee.  


  • Hand and elbow   Please wear something with short sleeves.
  • Shoulder    The best thing is a sleeveless top.  Please avoid long sleeve blouses as I will need you to remove it to adequately examine your shoulder.  Sometimes we can get by with a short sleeve top but a sleeveless top is the best option.  We recommend that you bring a jacket or cardigan if you are susceptible to the cold.
  • Spine    The best option is a blouse and skirt or pants that are not too long, culottes of knee length are okay
  • Hips   A skirt, shorts or culottes that are no longer than knee length.
  • Knees   The easiest is a skirt that is not too long, though shorts are also okay.  I will need to see most of your thigh during the consultation.  Please avoid long pants.
  • Feet   Please wear shorts or a skirt that is not too long.  I need to be able to examine you from the knees down and I will also need to ask you to remove your shoes.


We charge fees but don’t mind who pays.  

We accept:

  • WorkCover

       Please bring your claim number and details

  • Veterans’ Affairs

       Please bring your Gold Card

  • Insurance Companies

       We need a letter of approval from an Australian company.