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I am a general orthopaedic surgeon and treat orthopaedic pathology in all areas of the body except the cervical spine.  I have a particular interest in arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder.

Knee arthroscopy

  • Meniscal tears
  • Osteoarthritis
  • ACL and PCL reconstruction

Shoulder arthroscopy

  • Acromioplasty +/- tendon repair
  • Labral repair/stabilisation

Joint Replacement Hip, Knee and Shoulder


To give the patients the best value at their first consultation, the following investigations are handy:

Hand, wrist and elbow, soft tissue, carpal tunnel etc


Upper Limb Fractures or joint pain

Plain x-ray


Plain x-ray and ultrasound.  Consider an MRI for dislocations.


Plain x-ray and CT or MRI scan


Plain x-ray


Plain x-ray, consider MRI

Foot and ankle

Plain x-ray