Dislocated Shoulder

What is it?

Your shoulder is a ball and a cup.  Around the edge of the cup is a rubbery lip called the glenoid labrum. 

How do you get it?

When you dislocate your shoulder, you have to tear something to get it out.  This is usually the glenoid labrum.  When the labrum heals up, it heals up loosely attached, so now the shoulder dislocates easily.

What symptoms do you get?

Labral tears can give a range of symptoms.  In some people, the shoulder will dislocate; i.e. The ball will jump right out of the cup.  Some people will simply get an odd sensation with their arm halfway up or with activities like throwing a ball.

What happens without treatment?

The symptoms will simply continue.  With each dislocation, there is a small risk of further damage to the shoulder.

How do you treat it?

The labrum can be fixed back on to the bone.  It will then heal up in its proper position and the symptoms will go away.