I am a specialist orthopaedic surgeon. I have a particular interest in arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder and surgical replacement of the hip and knee, though I treat patients with conditions in all areas of the body except the cervical spine (neck).

The information on this website is for patient education and is not a substitute for professional recommendations as part of a proper clinical assessment.



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For Patients

My aim is to thoroughly examine you to accurately assess and diagnose your problem. Once this has occurred, we can discuss treatment and expected outcomes.

I will

Ask you to tell me about your specific problem and symptoms.
Examine you.
Look at the investigations done so far and order more if needed.

Once I have all this information I can then:

Explain to you what is wrong.
Give you the options for treatment.
Tell you what to expect in the future.
The following is not essential but it will save you time and effort.

To get the best from the consultation you need to:

Bring in your x-ray pictures even if somebody has sent information to us.
To contact my rooms for an appointment, please phone 4031 8400.

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